Patient Testimonials

  • Trigger Finger

    Age: 65

    Condition: Trigger Finger

    Treatment: Surgical Release

    I was doing some home repairs when I accidentally hit my hand against a hard surface. First, the pain was severe; and, later, I found it difficult to straighten one of my fingers. When it began locking in my palm, I had to use my other hand to straighten it. After my surgery, my finger was as good as new.

  • Tendon Reconstruction Surgery

    Age: 37

    Condition: Ruptured Achilles Tendon

    Treatment: Tendon Reconstruction Surgery

    A few months ago, I forgot to stretch before doing laps in the pool. After that last kick turn, I thought I’d be out of commission for good. Getting my Achilles tendon reconstructed had me on my feet (and back in the pool) faster than I thought was possible.

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